Few Navies actually operate ships as capable and as large as Cruisers these days, with most forces concentrating their surface action forces on Frigates, with perhaps a few destroyers. Let me Start with I am miss some class of ships. The German Navy’s Sachsen class is one of the most expensive frigate classes, costing around €2.1bn ($2.4bn) for the three ships in total. (The Type 26 actually has a broader beam than the cruiser). The Type 26 Frigate, or ‘City class’, represents one of the most capable warships the Royal Navy has owned in decades, albeit one of the most costly. Cruisers are large weapons platforms to have both main battery guns missiles, helicopter service capacity for multiple helicopters, signifigant anti air capability and CWIS systems. In the age of sail, a Frigate would have had the Cruiser role. Destroyers(high DMG); these ships possess more firepower and are usually large in size as compared to the frigates. The US Navy’s Zumwalt and Arleigh Burke classes have this capability, as does the Royal Navy’s Daring class and Russia’s Sovremenny class. As a frigate, this ship focuses on agility and evasion, avoiding damage when possible. Likes Received 86 Points 826 Posts 92. Cruisers; cruisers are smaller than battlecruisers and battleships + also faster than both these types. “By virtue of being larger, destroyers can more easily carry and generate the power for more powerful high-resolution radar and a larger number of vertical launch cells. What is the difference between these two vessels? I understand that frigates can be a bit pesky to deal with in larger ships. The Eagle Frigate is a Tier 4 hull with more advanced VEGA Security technology. High-Performance Magnetometers for Marine Defence Applications, 24 April 2019 (Last Updated January 23rd, 2020 14:12). The behemoth Zumwalt class comes with 20 Mk57 VLS modules with 80 launch cells, and can fire Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles and Tactical Tomahawk subsonic cruise missiles. Likes received: 79 #1 - 2012-07-03 13:31:02 UTC I am in a Vexxor and will soon push for a Thorax. The Zumwalt class weighs in at nearly 16,000t making it double the weight of smaller destroyers that weigh in at around 8,000t at full load. In contrast, frigate ships are much more cost-efficient. Not really used in modern times. The Royal Navy’s Duke class was priced at around £130m per vessel, while the much anticipated Type 31 frigate was estimated in 2017 to cost around £250m per unit, according to a UK Government fact sheet. Frigates are often the vessel of choice in historical naval novels due to their relative freedom compared to ships-of-the-line (kept for fleet actions) and smaller vessels (generally assigned to a home port and less widely ranging). A Frigate is basically cheaper than either a cruiser or a destroyer, and has more limited combat capabilities, so it usually gets used for screening and escorts. A frigate with an afterburner can usually escape a destroyer with a MWD, and a frigate with a MWD outruns anything in the game. After the Second World War, destroyers grew in size. Derath_Ellecon (Derath Ellecon) October 7, 2019, 7:00pm #2. The Munificent-class was 825 meters in length and had a skeletal look, owing to the fact that these ships required a small crew to operate and were not designed to be carriers. Around WWII, started being used as Fleet Task Group units with specialist roles (ie. Not many at all - 1 or 2. Unless you can double web and scramble a frigate, it can always run away if it doesn't want to take a fight. Then there is the US Navy’s Zumwalt-class destroyer, a 190m long colossus with a beam of 24.6m. In the age of sail, a Frigate would have had the Cruiser role. A cruiser is midway between a destroyer and a battleship…more important now since the Aegis missile system. However the reality is that these battles are a lot more interesting then you would think. Frigate: Smaller, usually only serves one or two roles. The other principal type of cruiser was the sloop, but many other miscellaneous types of ship were used as well. Because cruisers and destroyers are so important to Navy operations, they are called "escort vessels." While frigates vary greatly in terms of size, many of the top frigates such as Russia’s Admiral Gorshkov class and Germany’s Sachsen class are smaller than destroyers, measuring in at around 130m-150m in length. A cruiser is a vessel built to secure speed and fuel capacity at the expense of armor and battery strength. The simple version (Long version with pictures below) : Battleship: Artillery and Anti-Aircraft weapons platform, primary combat ship. Larger, heavily armed. Gallente Federation.

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